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Crypto Exchange Coincheck To Refund Stolen $400 Million

Coincheck, a Japanese cryptocurrency exchange has officially announced that it will refund close to $400 million to customers after this amount was reported stolen by hackers last week. On Jan 26, Coincheck detected an “unauthorized access” into its system. After

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Forex Brokers Continue To Scam And Target Russian Nationals

Forbes recently published a report which showed that Russians account for 29 percent of the online traffic that the four largest binary options and foreign exchange (forex) trading websites received in April of 2017. Hence it is not entirely a

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Bond Market Investors Scared Over Potential Global Selling Sprees

Banks have been the biggest buyers of bonds for over decade now which have sent interest rates spiraling downwards and stock markets soaring. However there is an ongoing fear from investors that some of the richest nations in the world

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United Arab Emirates To Start 2018 By Introducing VAT

Starting January 1, 2018 the UAE government will be imposing a 5 percent Value Added Tax (VAT) on a number of goods and services. The implementation of VAT is mainly attributed to the need of the UAE government to raise

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