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UK’s Autumn Statement and the Knock on Effects

Chancellor of the Exchequer - Red BriefcaseYesterday was the annual Autumn Statement in the UK, when the Chancellor of the Exchequer gives a speech to the House of Commons and the General Public and enlightens everyone on just how well, or just how bad the country is doing.

This is the one time of year apart from the annual Budget Statement that can see some vast amounts of cash being made by Binary Options traders, for with some in-depth research it is possible to predict with some degree of accuracy what will be announced in that statement and which, if any, companies are going to see their share prices swing in one direction or another due to what has been announced.

It was certainly good news all around in the statement, and with the jobless figures down, investment up and borrowing looking like it is eventually peaking out and about to go on a downward spiral this has an immediate positive impact on the UK’s currency and also the FTSE 100 index gained in value.

However, there was several things mentioned in the Autumn Statement that are likely to have far reaching effects, and these are worth taking a note of if you are a Binary Options trader for with investment in road building and also the reductions and in some cases abolition of the much hated house buyers Stamp Duty this means companies involved in both road building and house building in the UK may look like decent investments on the Binary Options trading markets in the coming months.

Also announced was the abolition of Passenger Air Duty for young children and this may see an increase in the share price of many airlines, as that reduction will make it much cheaper for families to take holidays abroad in the summer season and beyond.

However, the Chancellor did also make it very clear he and Her Majesty’s Customs and Excise are going after some of the larger and very profitable companies who trade in the UK who have mastered the art of siphoning off their UK based trading profits to other countries where the tax rates are much lower, and it is companies such as Google and others he has set his sights on.

Overall the UK is doing exceptionally well at the moment, and there are plenty of Binary Options trading opportunities on offer, and it does look highly likely most UK based company share prices are only going to be moving one way in the very near future and that is upwards.