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Power Companies Not Lowering Prices

UK power companiesThe power market place is of course quite diverse and in all countries of the world there is often a lot of competition between power companies all of whom are eager to get as many new customers signing up to them as is possible.

However, over in the UK whilst there are quite a number of different power companies that consumers are freely able to sign up to and have their power supplies from, there has been something of a predicated reluctance from power companies to pass onto their consumers the savings now possible via falling fuel prices.

But it has just been announced that finally one Power Company has grasped the nettle and has started to reduce the prices they charge their customers and that power company is E.ON. They have just announced that they are cutting the price of gas supplied to their customers by some 5.1% which is good news as the UK is currently in the grip of a cold snap and consumers will of course be using much more gas than they normally do to keep their homes warm.

That does of course mean a saving will be had by all of their customers which is expected to be on average some £32 in savings per household per year.

As a Binary Options trader you should always be looking around for potential profitable UK trading opportunities on absolutely any company you can place trades on, and with that in mind now maybe a good time to consider placing some traders on companies based in the power supply market sector.

Whether that decrease in the price of gas that E.ON has finally passed onto their consumers is going to have any effect on the number of customers they sign up or their long term trading profits will of course remain to be seen, however the power supply markets place is a quiet volatile environment and there are always swings in the price of shares for all companies in that market place.

Just keep your eyes peeled on any additional companies in the powder supply market sector that may follow the lead set by E.ON as there may be some companies who refuse to decrease their prices in the hope that they can keep profits high, but those companies do run the risk of losing customers who are tempted but the lower prices offered by companies such as E.ON.