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DCC Expansion Plans Confirmed

DCCAlthough many Binary Option brokers are placing negative outlook trades on many European company’s share values, it is worth remember that it is not all doom and gloom for companies trading with the Euro zone, and this fact was proven to be the case yesterday with some massive increases in the share value of DCC.

DCC are based in Dublin and are involved in the Support market sector and they have just announced that they are planning a huge expansion of the energy division they are and have been involved in for many years now, and this saw their share value massively increasing by 95p to 3552p once this news was released.

Binary Options traders who has an inkling of this announcement were smiling all the way to the bank when that news was announced as were long time share owners in DCC, and with some luck their long term outlook and share value should show an ongoing increase, so do keep that in mind if you are looking for some ideas of which companies to place any ongoing Binary Options trades on.

DCC has chosen to enter the French market place and this is by purchasing from Esso a total of 274 unmanned petrol stations and 48 petrol and fuel concessions on the French motor network and they will be paying £84 million for those petrol stations which for DCC is one of their largest ever acquisitions but one that they are convinced will put them on a very good footing for the future.

By purchasing those 274 unmanned petrol stations and those motorway fuel concessions from Esso, DCC will instantly get a 4% share of that market sector in France which is something that they have been looking to do for quite a while now.

Many market commentators and speculators see DCC as a good long term investment and as such do consider this company if you are looking to trade Binary Options on some of the more successful and promising Euro Zone based companies.

It is not the first time DCC has swooped to pick up a series of unmanned petrol stations for back in May of this year they bought out a Swedish company called Q Star, and have over the last 10 years paid over €1bn to increase their fuel supply market share.

Many traders dealing in Binary Options have something of a love hate relationship with fuel based options due to the very volatile nature of the industry, however it is always worth remember there are many different parts of this industry and DCC could be a worthwhile bet in the future.

For even in the event of worldwide events that massively affect the share price of both oil and companies involved in the supply of oil based products the market place is always a volatile one and profitable trades are always possible, even if the value of oil drops lower than usual which in itself is a very rare event!