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Will US Interest Rates Rise?

Interest RatesThe long awaited decision as to whether the US will finally raise interest rates is imminent and this is going to be a critical time for anyone looking to place Binary Options on any US based company or for that matter any Forex trader who is looking to place any currency pairing on US Dollars with any other major currency.

Many industry experts are also speculating that a round of quantitative easing could be initiated and if so then that is sure to have an effect on the value of the US Dollar, and with that in mind you should be thinking long and hard about just which trades you will place today and in the coming weeks, as there are some gains to be made if you can second guess the US Federal Bank!

In fact many of the major companies based and trading in the US have also seem some huge volatility in regards to their share price already, and you may have already noticed that if you have been placing Binary Options trades over the last few days, weeks and months.

Whilst it is very true to say that the US Stock Market has been performing well as a whole in recent years, more so when you compare it to other Stock Markets, those gains may be about to make a turnaround depending of course on whether interest rates do rise or any quantitative easing is announced.

The US has not raised interest rates for ten years in a row now, and whilst eventually those interest rates will have to rise, and there is a very good chance this will happen this week, there is never any knowing whether they will or not until the US Federal Bank announces it, and this has led to a flurry of Binary Options trades being placed by traders hoping to second guess the announcement.

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