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Will Lloyds Bank PPI Compensation Increase?

Lloyds BankIf you have been placing Binary Options on banking institutions recently, then you will not need us to tell you just how volatile that market sector has been. However, many savvy traders have been cashing in big time thanks to this volatile market sector and it may be something that you are willingn to do should you have never ventured into this market place before.

However, it is always going to be worth you researching fully just which banks to place Binary Options on, for there are still lots of major factors to be aware of in regards to just which way the shares in any banking institution are going to move.

One thing that has been affecting the price of shares in most UK based bank recently has been the massive compensation bills that many of them have been forced to payout over the mis-selling of PPI, and whilst many banks have over the last few years set aside billions of Pounds to payout the compensation to their customers this bill is actually continuing to grow for some banks.

Take for example Lloyds Bank. It is now looking like the twelve Billion Pounds they have already set aside to payout compensation claims arising from the miss selling of PPI is not going to be enough and they may need to set aside another one billion Pounds for additional claims coming in. As this shortfall has only just come to light then it may be worth you keeping that in mind should you be looking to place any number of Binary Options trades on Lloyds Bank in the coming days or weeks for that news is almost guaranteed to have a knock on effect regarding the share price this major UK Bank.

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