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Stocks Stumble After Release Of Weak Data

Asian stocks were traded high during today’s session as investors were relieved with the new stimulus measures taken by the Chinese Government. This move gave a positive signal to the investors regarding the economic concerns within the region and this made the investors to look at riskier assets thereby increasing the Asian stocks.

U.S. stocks continued to be traded low during the session and the release of the negative economic data discouraged the investors to move away from riskier assets thereby causing the stock levels to fall in price despite its previous highs.

Mario DraghiDuring the session, the U.S stocks will continue with its price reversal thereby giving a great opportunity to binary option brokers.

European stocks continued to trade fairly during the session and there was some volatility experienced during the day when Mario Draghi, the President of European Central Bank spoke about the interest rates.

U.K stocks suffered during the session whilst German stocks were traded well. An interesting asset to look at today is Google. The company has announced that they will be dividing their share into two so as to gain a firmer grip on the market.

This initiative places the tech giant company in the spotlight of investors.