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Situation In Ukraine Causes Stocks To Stumble Further

Ukraine Protests 2014The Asian stocks continued to trade on a low and they were lower as compared to its previous sessions of the week. The low trade resulted in investors being pessimistic about the current Chinese economy.

However, not only the Chinese economy caused the slump of the Asian stocks but the tension between Ukraine and Russia also contributed to this slump and this made investors look into safer assets such as Gold.

The European stock markets opened and were traded low due to the fact that the investors were also concerned with the same concerns as that of the Asian investors. As the session progresses, it will be good for the binary option investors resulting in a few good option opportunities.

US stocks continued to slump as from yesterday during its active session and today they may continue to be traded on a low as investors still fear the situation in Ukraine and this is causing many traders to move away from riskier assets.

Today’s hot asset that looks profitable is Barclays. It is set to lay-off a thousand of its staff members since they are trying to resolve the troubled financial crisis being faced by the company, it is the seventh largest bank by assets and this can cause a lot of volatility making it good for the investors.