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LMFX Review


The days of Forex Trading being only for the privileged few are long gone, and as a US based Forex Trader you are going to be able to cash in and make profits from the movement of currency values at any time of the day or night.

However, for you to be able to do so you will of course need to locate and then sign up to one of the very best Forex Brokers available, and with that in mind we would like to showcase to you through this review all that LMFX have to offer both new and highly experienced Traders alike.

Why Place Forex Trades at LMFX

Let us now get straight down to business and give you an overview of some of the many and unique stand out qualities and the many additional benefits that will be coming your way when you make the wise decision of trading Forex at LMFX.

Valuable 1:1000 Leverage – Leverage is one of the main benefits of trading Forex online and with the enormous 1:1000 Leverage available to everyone at LMFX you will never want to place your Forex Trades anywhere else, nor will you need to place Traders anywhere else either.

7 Trading Platforms – Every Forex Trader is going to have their own preferred trading platform, and with that in mind you will be very pleased to learn that LMFX has seven different trading platforms that you can utilize including both online and mobile trading platforms too.

Zero Fees on Deposits – Losing out on a percentage of your deposited trading funds is something you are going to suffer from when you sign up to some other Forex Brokers, however that is something you will never experience as a Forex Trader at LMFX as no fees are charged on any value of deposit you make into your real money trading account.

0.2 Spread on EUR-USD – The spread offered by different Forex Brokers is of course going to vary and as a Trader you will always be looking for the very lowest and most beneficial spreads available to you, when trading EUR-USD the spread is 0.2 which is certainly a trade worth placing.

100% Instant Credit Bonus – Bonuses are always free flowing to Traders at LMFX and with their 100% Credit Bonus offer available to all newly registered real money Traders you should be able to get off to a flying start and lock in plenty of additional trading value too when you make use of that bonus offer.

Live Customer Support – A full and comprehensive live customer support centre is on hand at LMFX 24 hours a day 5 days a week, and as such if you very do have any questions or you are unsure about any of their trading opportunities help is always available.

You will also have a number of different ways that you can make contact with their team, however many Forex Traders much prefer the convenience of using their instant chat facility which can be accessed directly from their website in just one click of your mouse or tap of your mobile devices screen.

MT4 Trading Platforms – Whilst you will of course have access to 7 different trading platforms as a trader at LMFX one of the easiest yet most configurable ones you can utilize is the MT4 Trading Platform that has proven to be one of the most reliable and Trader friendly platforms.

If you have never used the MT4 Trading platform before then by visiting the LMFX website you will find a comprehensive set of user guides and you are of course more than welcome to open up a demo trading account too.

One Touch Trades – One final aspect that you will appreciate in regards to placing your trades at LMFX is that you are going to be benefiting from rapidly placed trades all of the time, for they offer One Touch trading opportunities and the financial gains on those trading opportunities can and will be huge in value.


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