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BinaryMate Review


Binary option trading is an exciting and potentially rewarding way of investing; it is open to everyone regardless of your experience level and financial standing. In fact, one of the best things about binary trading is that you do not need a big pot of money to get started, even a small pot can rapidly multiple provided you choose your trades carefully.

Binary mate offer a comprehensive range of materials on their website. You can access information which will guide you through the basic trades, or complex strategies with high risk and high rewards. The material is available for free to all their account holders and can be of great assistance when planning your trades.

This is not the only thing that BinaryMate is giving away! A basic account holder will see a quarter of their initial deposit given to them just for signing up to an account. Middle account holders will see half their funds whilst the top level account holders will see their funds matched. A minimum deposit of three thousand dollars is needed to gain access to the top end account. Premium account holders will also gain access to a personal assistant who will help them understand the best trades to make and when to place them.

If the prospect of free money is not enough to attract you then you should consider the ease of access to your funds. All funds can be deposited via a huge range of methods; there is certain to be one which will match your needs or wallet. Even more impressively is the ability to withdraw these funds within an hour of requesting them! As with all brokers there are conditions attached to withdrawals and you should check these before you access your funds.

The Service

Binary mate only came into existence in 2016 but has gained a large following due to their approach to trading. Their platform has been designed by themselves and is radically different to what the existing brokers are offering. Among its special features there are easy access to all trading options including analysis. The layout feels natural and the market analysis; both technical and fundamental is available on the screen whilst you consider your trade options.

There are a variety of assets available to choose from, ensuring that you can trade in your preferred market area. They also offer a good range of trading options from the basic price direction trade to more complex boundary options.

One of the fundamental ideas of their own platform was to ensure that performance was placed first. This is probably the fastest brokerage site currently on the web; the prices displayed are as close to real time as possible; this allows you to trade safe in the knowledge that you have all the necessary information at your fingertips.

The performance of the site also helps to ensure that you are accessing a quality product and can rely on the information you receive. The high level of service and responsiveness of the site is one reason why it is proving to be so popular. As a newly developed site it also benefits from the highest possible security rating, helping to protect you from unwanted threats and risks to your funds.

It is possible, if you wish to; to connect your account to a robot and undertake automatic trades. Opinions are split as to whether this is the best way to approach binary trading, but the option is there!

Customer Service

The other reason that this site has proved itself to be both popular and practical is the fact that it brings something new to the world of binary options trading. Traders can use video chat at any time of the day or night and will be connected to a member of the customer service team almost instantly. The live chat has a video function which allows you to see the person you are chatting to and connect with them. This will help to inspire confidence in your analysis and the trades you are intending to make. All staff have a good knowledge of binary options trading and are happy to help you.

There is, of course an option to email customer services, however, there seems little point in doing this as you will receive a faster response via live video chat. However, you may prefer the anonymity of email or simple feel your question was too complex to be asked directly to a customer service staff member; you may not wish to put them on the spot! It is worth noting that there is a list of basic questions and the best answers on their website; but these are unlikely to help if you have a personal enquiry.

BinaryMate may be a new broker but they are definitely worth considering!