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Investors Lose Confidence as Stocks Stumble

StocksEuropean stocks are currently low during the week following the release of the weak regional economic data and this has caused the investors to show less interest in the stocks. On the other hand, the looming threat action in Ukraine has also contributed to the weak regional data at which this negative data has made the stock levels to stumble significantly.

US stocks were trading lower today compared to other previous days and there could be a positive response that will make the situation change later during the day since there are some important information of the regional data that is yet to be released this afternoon. There could be some volatility on the markets caused by the release of regional data in the session that will certainly be good for the binary option investors.

Also looking at stocks in Asia were being traded lower than what was expected by the investors and this could have been caused by the current state of the Chinese economy that was pushing the equities lower and weighing heavily on the market sentiment.

Today’s hot asset that can be looked into with binary option investors is the Deutsche Bank. Its shares have been fluctuating rapidly since the start of the month and have attracted lots of opportunities to traders. Its share value has dropped by 1.78% and many traders are taking advantage of the trend.