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How Far Can GBP Rise Against the Euro?

Pound and EuroAs part of your daily or weekly Binary Options trading schedule you probably set aside some time to plan a few Forex related trades, and one thing that will not have escaped your notice recently is the sharp increase in the value of GBP when paired up to the Euro.

The UK Pound is doing exceptionally well currently against the Euro, and whilst many industry experts and currency dealers did expect GBP to breach the 1.30 Euro barrier during 2015 they certainly didn’t expect it to happen in the early days of January!

However, this huge rise in the value of GBP against the Euro does pose Forex traders with a few questions, for they will be asking themselves just how high will the GBP rise and will there be, as is often the case a sudden drop in its value.

If you take a look at some of the underlining causes of why GBP is doing so well when matched up and paired against the Euro you will see there are several reasons, however with the European Central Bank now launching a one Trillion Euro Quantitative Easing scheme throughout the European Zone this is going to see the Euro possibly continuing to dive in value and not only against GBP but against a range of other currencies to.

There are of course no guarantees what so ever that the quantitative easing scheme launched in Europe is going to have any positive effects , in fact the opposite may happen, and as such if you are planning on placing any Euro related currency pairing Forex trades in the coming months then please do think long and hard in regards to which side of the trade you wish to be on!

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