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General Motors Decides To Build $1 Billion Tech Center In Detroit

General MotorsDetroit, Michigan was once the heartbeat of the auto industry in the 1950s and 60s as three of the biggest auto manufacturers established their headquarters in Detroit and turned it into one of the most thriving cities in America. General Motors, Chrysler and Ford established massive factories in Detroit and provided thousands of jobs to locals and turned the city into one of the best places to work and live.

Much has happened since then in Detroit and the city now looks but a shadow of its former self. Detroit’s auto industry has declined significantly, the city’s economy is in shambles and a large percentage of locals have moved out of Detroit in search of a better job and a better life.

The city of Detroit is currently in huge financial debt and is in desperate need of a boost to its economy. During the last five decades, the city of Detroit has experienced a huge brain drain and talent loss as the population has declined by as much as 50%. Michigan’s records show that Detroit had a population of around 1,849,569 in 1950 and in 2010 those numbers dropped to 713,777.

General Motors (GM) recently confirmed that it hasn’t given up on Detroit by announcing the construction of a $1 billion dollar tech center at its Warren Technical Center which is spread across 326 acres. The Warren Technical Center is on the National Register of Historic Places and is considered a National Historic Landmark. The Warren Technical Center currently provides employment to over 19,000 employees and the new expansion plan will create an additional 2,600 new jobs in the company.

In a statement, Mark Reuss, GM executive vice president global product development and purchasing and supply chain said

This is an investment in our people, our products and, ultimately, our customers, to make the tech center a more advanced, more efficient and more collaborative workplace. Developing a new vehicle is a total team effort, and every facet of this project will make us a stronger team.

The new tech center will have job openings for individuals who have skills in information technology, product development, auto design and management. GM will also make renovations to its current infrastructure at the Warren Technical Center to enhance its R&D facilities; to its Advanced Energy Center so additional testing can be performed and its Vehicle Engineering Center (VEC) to improve its workspace and offices.