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Forex Traders Who Started Young and Became Successful

ForexForeign exchange trading, known as forex trading for short, is all about the purchase and sale of currencies from different parts of the world for a profit. Forex traders make profits in two ways. First, they purchase a currency and sell it when its value has increased. Second, they sell a currency and purchase it when its price has gone down.

Most traders can easily access the forex market online, which means that they can trade in currencies from any part of the world. This market is also easy to access as it is available five-and-a-half days per week. According to a trader at, it is easy to grasp the various concepts of forex trading and easier to get started with it once it is understood. He opines that younger traders are attracted to forex trading simply because it is easy to understand.

In fact, several top forex traders began young. Buena Patria of Indonesia found out about forex trading at the tender age of 14. He began reading about it out of interest, but soon grew passionate about the market. Today, he operates a forex trading website that provides valuable insights into forex trading and other finance-related subjects that interest him.

Although still a student in high school, he wants to go to college in the UK and get a degree in finance or economics.

Patria is also a member of a forex portal, which enables traders and young investors to create financial awareness among the youth. The portal also aims at linking trading and investment opportunities.

Milan Cutkovic of Switzerland, another member of the portal, also began trading when he was 14 years old. Today, he is an active trader, focusing on short-term trading. He too operates a website, in which he provides valuable forex trading information and shares his opinions on the market and his trading experiences. He is worth listening to as he has gained many valuable experiences and has also studied business economics.

Another young forex trader worth mentioning is Josh Olfet, an investor and entrepreneur residing in Canada. He began trading at the age of 15 and is today very successful at trading in stocks, commodities, and foreign exchange.

The fact that people as young as those mentioned above can develop an interest in trading is indeed exciting. It also indicates that anybody can learn about forex trading as long as they are passionate about making financial profits.