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Binary Options Site Reviews

It is important that you choose an online or mobile Binary Options broking site that you feel confident using, and as such we would like to present to you our featured sites, all of which we have handpicked and can guarantee that each of them will offer you the very best trading experience possible.

You are going to find their trading platforms extremely user friendly, they all offer new customers some very generous sign up bonuses, and being our top rated sites they offer high profit margins, low and cost effective Banking options and around the clock customer support.

Binary Options Trader Checklist

Below we have put together a checklist of features that you should be demanding from any Binary Options Broking site that you sign up to and we invite you to read through this list as each of our listed and approved Binary Options site have all of the following qualities on offer.

  • Indices Trading – Make sure any site you trade Binary Options at offers you not just a limited number of indices trading opportunities but offers you every single indices available, by having the maximum number of options available you are not going to be limited in your profit making potential.
  • Forex and Currency Pairings – Many Binary Options trading sites only offer a small limited number of possible currency pairings, all of our Binary Options trading sites offer every single currency which can be paired up with any other, and you are now able to pair Bitcoins up with US Dollars to give you even more trading options!
  • Commodity Trading – You should be looking for Binary Options trading sites that offer Copper, Gold and Silver as well as other commodities such as Oil, all of our reviewed and top rated Binary Options site give you all of these commodity assets which can be traded and as such if this is something you are interested in then why not give one of our listed sites a try!
  • Demo Accounts – You are going to be able to sign up at any reviewed Binary Options site and start to trade using as demo account should you just wish to get a feel for the way Binary Options trading works and operates online, and we would advise anyone wishing to trade any type of Binary Options online that they do open such an account, to allow them to sample the many different types of trading platforms each of our rated sites have on offer.