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If you live in Thailand and are wishing to join the tens if not hundreds of thousands of people that live there are starting to venture into the world of Binary Options trading, then I encourage you to read through the following guide.

What I will be doing below is giving you a basic insight into just what Binary Options are and how anyone old enough to do so that is based over in Thailand is going to then be able to start placing the many different types of trades that are possible.

I will then move onto answering some if not all of the many different questions that you may have that are ins come ay related to Binary Options trading, which you may be seeking the answers to before you set about placing any type of trade yourself.

But first you do need to know what Binary Options are, and they are basically a very simple type of trade on which you have to guess if something will rise or fall in value and hope the way you choose the value to move does occur over your selected time period too.

Popular Trade Types in Thailand

As soon as you have understood the basic nature of how Binary Options work and operate then you will need to select a trading market to base your individual trades around, and to give you some idea as to just which ones you can place a trade on, below are three very popular ones with Thailand based Binary Options traders currently.

EUR/USD Parings – Currencies can be paired up together in one single type of Binary Options trade and the way you must make money from them is guessing whether the value of one currency will go on to rise or fall against the other one.

Trading Indices – You can also pick out one of the many worldwide and different indices and stock markets to place any type of Binary Options trade on, and there is certainly going to be plenty of those types of trading opportunities available to you each day.

Gold Prices – One other type of trade that I so know will always spark an interest in many Binary Options traders both experienced ones and those that are new to that type of trading environments are Gold prices, so do also consider placing such trades when you get around to trading either online or via a mobile device.

Top 10 Trading Options in Thailand

Never be in too much of a rush to sign up to any Binary Options Broker you come across and never be tempted to start placing trades here there and everywhere, instead start off by placing out some nice and basic trades such as the top 10 Thailand Binary Options trades below.

  • Trading S&P 500
  • Stock Trading
  • Call and Put Trades
  • No-Touch Options
  • Gold Prices
  • Trading AUD/USD
  • Silver Prices
  • Platinum Prices
  • One-Touch Binary Options
  • Trading GBP/USD

Thailand Binary Options Trading Tip

If you do live in Thailand then do hunt around for some of our featured Binary Options Brokers site and apps that are giving asway some overly generous sign up welcome bonuses, as by signing up to those sites and apps you will get off to a flying start and will be able to boost the value if your trading budget with the use of those high valued bonus offers.


I will leave it up to you to decide just what to base any Binary Options trades around, suffice to say though that there are going to be more than enough of them available to you and one type of trade that can result in some very large financial gains at times are Asset Trades so do consider placing some of those when you are next trading.

If you do take to trading Asset based trades then do also consider expanding the range of Binary Options trade you place, and with that in mind do take a look at just how very diverse that range of Currency Pairs Trades that you can place are going to be.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Place Trades on Platinum Prices?

If you want to venture into the world of placing trades on precious metals, then you will of course need to pick out the ones that you think are going to see you getting some hefty returns on any trades you do place.

One precious metal that really is easy to trade on is Platinum, being a very precious metal the price of it can and does often bounce around all over the place during the course of a single day, and as long as you do predict the way it moves correctly and place a Binary Options trade on it then you will be in the money, it is as simple as that.

Which Brokers Will Let Me Trade on Palladium Prices?

Not all Binary Options Brokers offer their clients by far and away the largest number of trading opportunities and trading markets, and as such one type of trade that you may fancy placing but may have some difficulties doing so is on the price of Palladium.

However, I have been hunting around and comparing just what trading opportunities are available at several of the approved and fully licensed Brokers listed around this website, and am happy to say I did discover several of them do offer Palladium trading market, so check out some of our approved sites for more details.

Are There Lots of Brokers Offering Copper Prices Options?

Copper prices can be and are often quite volatile, and it is very true to say that in recent years they have been going on something of an upward trend, so you may fancy placing a range of different trades on the price of Copper.

If so then keep in mind that the pay-out odds you will be offered from a  range of different Brokers can and will vary and not all of them are going to be offering you the very highest potential paybacks on such trades, so the onus really is on you to pick out the Brokers that do.

Which Brokers Have Crude Oil Price Trades Available?

I doubt you are going to have to spend a lot of time hunting around for a Broker that will be offering you the ability of placing Binary Options trades on the price of Crude Oil for it is fair and safe to say most Brokers will do.

However, what is going to different are the paybacks and payoffs you will be receiving and be offered from Brokers, when placing Crude Oil related trades, so make sure that you always hunt around for the Brokers that are by far and away offering you the very highest trading value.

Can Any Place Brent Oil Price Trades?

As well as you being able to place trades on the price of Crude Oil do also keep in mind that there will be no shortages of Binary Options Brokers that are also going to allow you to place trades of any value on the price of Brent Oil too.

Whilst it is fair to say that those two market places are going to be quite volatile sometimes, and can sometimes mirror one another, that is not always going to be the case so make sure that you do plan just which type of oil related trades are going to be worth placing at any one time or another.

How Can I Trade on Natural Gas Prices?

All that you are going to have to get if you want to start placing Binary Options trades on the price of Natural Gas is a trading account with one of the large number of Brokers that are going to be offering you such trading markets, and any of our featured ones should offer you just that.

However never forget that such trades can mov in one direction or another rather rapidly, so always be prepared to spend as much time is required and needed doing research on whichever options you are thinking of placing a trade on.