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Around 20 million people do of course live over in Sri Lanka, and many of them have fully embraced the Binary Options trading environment, which is something that you may be eager to do yourself, and if so then I urge you to read through the following guide.

What I am going to be doing below is giving you an overview of what exactly Binary Options are, and where you can place them, but also pointing you in the right direction as to just what types of Binary Options trades are popular with traders that are base in Sri Lanka too.

A Binary Options trade, if you have never placed one before, is simply a financial guess if you like on whether the value of something will go up in value or drop in value over a set time period, guess correctly and you win, guess correctly and you lose.

One aspect of placing Binary Options trades that may appeal to you is that you are not going to find them very expensive products to place, as you are always going to be in full control over the stakes that you can place on Binary Options, so most people can comfortably afford to place them.

Popular Trade Types in Sri Lanka

Let me now give you some ideas as to just what you can place a Binary Options trade on if you are living or reside in Sri Lanka, but be aware that these are just a tiny selection of the available trading opportunities, and there are dozens more besides these that you may be interested in.

USD/CAD Pairings – One type of Binary Options trade that you can place are based on the values of currencies, so for example you may with to pair up USA with CAD in the hope the currency you do think is going to rise or fall in value against the other one does just that.

Trading Gold – Gold is one of several different precious metals that can also be used as the basis for any Binary Options trade, and you will be required to pick a period of time for you trade to be live and then guess of Gold will rise or Fall in value over that time period.

Platinum Prices – Platinum can also be used as the basis for a Binary Options trade, and whilst it is fair to say its value may not rise or fall that much over any period of time, as long as you do correctly predict which way its value will move then you will have placed a winning Binary Options trade.

Top 10 Trading Options in Sri Lanka

As for which are the most unique and popular trade types and options that each of our featured Brokers sites offer their clients, well any of the following ones are always going to be available to you and each of them will come with their own level of profits too.

  • Trading USD/CHF
  • Boundary Binary Options
  • Double No-Touch Trades
  • Palladium Prices
  • Copper Prices
  • Trading Crude Oil
  • Trading Indices
  • Trading Dow Jones
  • Trading FTSE
  • Trading USD/JPY

Sri Lanka Binary Options Trading Tip

The very best way to initially start trading Binary Options online or even on a mobile device will be by your opening a demo trading account, as that way you can gain valuable trading experience but will be doing so in a no risk way.


It can be a very confusing trading environment for the first time trader however it really can and often does pay dividends for you to find out just how trades such as Double No-Touch Trades have been designed as the profits and financial gains can be there for the taking for sure.

The amount of time that your Binary Options trades can and will be live for are dependent on just which trades you do place, but for some rapid fire type of trades then take a look at how the Trading 60 Seconds Trades have been designed a you may just very quickly warm to them.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Place 60 Seconds Trades?

When it comes to 60 second trades, all that you need to remember is that the time allocated to those trades are as the name suggest 60 seconds, and as such you could place a very large number of them during any one trading session if you wanted too.

As soon as the time period of 60 seconds has expired, then as long as whatever option you place moved in the direction that you had predicted then you will have  placed a winning trade, and they are very popular with traders that do not have lots of spare times to place Binary Options trades or want to be able to place many of them on each session they have

Which Brokers Offer Boundary Binary Options?

I am aware that many traders like to place many different types of Binary Options trades day in and day out, and if you are seeking a trusted Broker that is going to be offering you the potentially very profitable Boundary Binary Options then have a look at some of our top rated and fully approved Brokers.

Just keep in mind that you are always able to pick you own stake and investment amounts when placing Boundary option trades so you will find that they are the type of option all traders can and will be able to afford to place.

How Diverse are Asset Trades?

One question I do get asked a lot by first time and relatively inexperienced Binary Options trader is just how wide and diverse the range of Asset based trades they can place these days, and the quickest answer is plenty of them.

However, always do as much research as you possibly can do when placing an Asset backed trade of you will always want to have the absolute peace of mind in knowing that you are placing such trades optimally and using the best strategy possible to help you lock in that all important trading profit on any you do place.

Who Places Currency Pairs Trades?

It is not only traders that will be placing Currency and Forex related trades, for many people and businesses in their day to day lives will need to be able to hedge any currencies that they may be about to buy or do business in.

You are going to find that you can pair up together virtually any two currencies used in the world and as such you will find plenty of such trades are available, including also being able to pair up cryptocurrencies with any major worldwide fiat currency too, which is what many traders have started to do recently.

Are There Benefits of Trading EUR/USD Options?

There could be plenty of different reasons why you will want to place trades on the value of the Euro and the US Dollar, many holidays makers worried about the chance of currency rate drops may place such trades to lock in a good rate and hedge any currency purchases they go on to make.

However, there are always going to be reasons as to why the value of the Euro could rise or fall against the value of the US Dollar, and you will need to keep your eye on any upcoming financial reports and try and predict what they will reveal about the Euro zone and the U.S. when placing such currency trades.