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When it comes to you placing trades on all manner of different marketplaces, you should consider signing up to a Binary Options Broker sites if you are based and living over in Spain, and there are quite a lot of them that are available to you and accept Spanish traders too.

However, I do know that not everybody is very well versed with all manner of different financial products, and that is one of the main reasons why I have chosen to put together this guide on placing Binary Options trades in Spain.

What a Binary Options trade is, if you have yet to come across one of them, is simple a trade that has two possible options, hence the name Binary, and you have to simply predict the way in which the value of something will move.

As long as you do select the correct direction in value whatever it is you have placed a Binary Options trade on then you will have placed a winning trade and will then receive a winning pay-out based on the value of your trade and the pay-outs the Broker offered you when you placed that trade.

Popular Trade Types in Spain

In this next section of my guide to placing Binary Options trades from Spain, I want to introduce you to just a small number of the many different types of such trades that you are going to be able to place, any of which may just spark an interest in you.

Silver Prices – There are certainly no shortages of precious metals and also plenty of semi-precious metals that you can have as the basis for any type of Binary Options trades, but just keep in mind that for example Silver may not be as volatile as Gold for example.

USD/CAD Pairings – Linking up any two currencies of the world and then predicting which way the value of one of them will move against the other one is another type of Binary Options trade that you can place from Spain such as a USD and CAD currency pairing.

Trading Gold – Gold can be and often is one of the most volatile of precious metals, and make no mistake about it no matter at which of our many Spanish trader friendly Binary Options Brokers sites you choose to sign up to and place trades at, they will offer you lot of different trading markets based around the price of Gold.

Top 10 Trading Options in Spain

Always keep in mind that some traders are likely to place the same types of traders over and over again, and below to give you some ideas as to the types and kinds of trades are placed by Spanish traders you will find the top 10 Binary Options trades that are placed in Spain.

  • Gold Prices
  • Trading AUD/USD
  • Silver Prices
  • Platinum Prices
  • One-Touch Binary Options
  • Trading GBP/USD
  • Crude Oil Prices
  • Brent Oil Prices
  • Natural Gas Values
  • Corn Value

Spain Binary Options Trading Tip

As the currency used in Spain is of course the Euro, make sur you find both a Binary Options Broker that accepts customers and clients from Spain if you live there and also one that will allow you to set your trading account to operate in Euros too.


I do know that many first time and very inexperienced Binary Options traders will delve into trading on the movement sin the value of things such as stock markets and stock indices and therefore you will always have the option of Trading S&P 500 and for any stake levels too.

Whilst the Stock Trading environment may seem a tad confusing for some people, as soon as you do learn about the way the values of stock can and does move you may find they are the perfect Binary Options type for you.

What are Double One-Touch Binary Options?

You will often feel like you are going to be on a very sharp learning curve when you do set about placing Binary Options trades, and one type of trade that has been growing in popularity recently are known as Double One Touch trades, which several Brokers now offer their clients.

That type of trade is of course one in which you will hope that the value of anything you are placing your trade on does hit the predicted value not once but twice during the course of any trading period and if it does then you will have placed what could be a high paying winning trade.

Is it Possible to Place Double No-Touch Trades?

If you do fancy your chances of placing plenty of winning Binary Options trades, then it will often be those that are going to be offering you the highest potential winning pay-outs that you will be very eager to set about trading and one type of trade that does are called Double No-Touch trades.

Now there are levels of risks attached dot all Binary Options trades of course, and the ones attached dot those types of trades are high, but make no mistake about it the potential rewards will be much higher when you do set about playing a Double No-Touch trade anywhere.

How Do I Place 60 Seconds Trades?

When it comes to 60 second trades, all that you need to remember is that the time allocated to those trades are as the name suggest 60 seconds, and as such you could place a very large number of them during any one trading session if you wanted too.

As soon as the time period of 60 seconds has expired, then as long as whatever option you place moved in the direction that you had predicted then you will have  placed a winning trade, and they are very popular with traders that do not have lots of spare times to place Binary Options trades or want to be able to place many of them on each session they have

Which Brokers Offer Boundary Binary Options?

I am aware that many traders like to place many different types of Binary Options trades day in and day out, and if you are seeking a trusted Broker that is going to be offering you the potentially very profitable Boundary Binary Options then have a look at some of our top rated and fully approved Brokers.

Just keep in mind that you are always able to pick you own stake and investment amounts when placing Boundary option trades so you will find that they are the type of option all traders can and will be able to afford to place.

How Diverse are Asset Trades?

One question I do get asked a lot by first time and relatively inexperienced Binary Options trader is just how wide and diverse the range of Asset based trades they can place these days, and the quickest answer is plenty of them.

However, always do as much research as you possibly can do when placing an Asset backed trade of you will always want to have the absolute peace of mind in knowing that you are placing such trades optimally and using the best strategy possible to help you lock in that all important trading profit on any you do place.