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Binary Options Brokers Guatemala

It doesn’t matter where you happen to live these days, you are always going to be in a position to place Binary Options thanks to both online an mobile trading platforms and apps, and this guide is going to be showing you what traders living in Guatemala are going to have access too.

But I suppose that I should tart off by letting you know just what Binary Options are, for not everyone has come across them before, basically in layman’s terms they are a type of trade on which you have to correctly predict if the value of something will rise or fall.

You can place Binary Options trades on things like stock markets and indices, currencies, commodities and assets, and when placing such a trade you need to decide a stake for your trades and the amount of time you want your trade to be live for.

If at the end of the time period you select, the value has moved upwards or downwards as you predicted you will have placed a winning Binary Options trade and will be paid out at the pay-out odds offered to you by the Broker you places your winning trade at.

Popular Trade Types in Guatemala

Whilst some Binary Options traders like to trade on many different things, there are some that stick to placing trades on market places they known inside and out and fully understand, and below are just a few of the many trade types that traders in Guatemala do tend to place a lot.

Brent Oil Prices – As for when it comes to trading on Oil you can trade on the value of Crude or Brent Oil, however most traders like to stick to trading on the latter, and fortunately there will be plenty of Brokers that will allow you to do just that on their apps and online trading platforms.

Trading S&P 500 – The S & P 500 is another of the many trading markets that are going to be on offer to you at most if not all Binary Options trading sites, and with just two possible outcomes on offer you have a 50-50 chance of success when trading.

Natural Gas Prices – One other type of trade that I do know sparks a very keen interest from those living in Guatemala is Natural Gas based trades, and if they are something that does excite you then obviously make sure the Brokers you sign up to and place trades at offer such trading markets.

Top 10 Trading Options in Guatemala

Guatemala traders have every possible type of Binary Options trade you could ever wish to place, and the best way to experience placing any of the top 10 trades placed in Guatemala is by signing up to any of our featured trading sites or by using their state of the art trading apps.

  • Trading Indices
  • Trading Dow Jones
  • Trading FTSE
  • Trading USD/JPY
  • Trading S&P 500
  • Stock Trading
  • Call and Put Trades
  • No-Touch Options
  • Gold Prices
  • Trading AUD/USD

Guatemala Binary Options Trading Tip

No winning trader is going to want to have to wait ages for their profits to be processed and sent out to them but do keep in mind very single withdrawal options will have its own pay-out time scales so make sur you select one that offers fast pay-outs when you trade for real money.


One thing that you are bound to spot about Copper Prices is that they can and most often do rise in value, but they can also drop like a stone at times too, and that makes Copper an ideal basis for some of your online and mobile Binary Options trades too.

But never restrict yourself to placing the same type of trade over and over again, for you should never look track of the fact that you can place trades around anything and that means if you prefer trading on Crude Oil Prices there will be more than enough opportunities for you to do just that.

Do All Brokers Offer Dow Jones Based Options?

As you look around and compare the many different trading opportunities that are going to be offered to you at different Binary Options Brokers, one thing that you will often notice is that some of them do tend to specialize in certain sectors.

As such if you are interested in placing Binary Options trades on for example the Dow Jones or for that matter any other worldwide indices then make a point of finding a Broker such as some of our top rated and approved ones that will be offering you a wealth of different indices related trading markets.

Which Brokers Offer Silver Prices Trading Options?

You will never go short when it comes to finding any number of Binary Options Brokers that are going to be giving you access to a large and quite diverse of Silver related trading markets and trading opportunities on that precious metal.

As the price of Silver does rise and fall much like all other precious and semi-precious metals there is always going to be the opportunity for you to cash in of those price movements, by placing a silver price related Binary Options trade either online or from your mobile devices too.

How Do I Place Trades on Platinum Prices?

If you want to venture into the world of placing trades on precious metals, then you will of course need to pick out the ones that you think are going to see you getting some hefty returns on any trades you do place.

One precious metal that really is easy to trade on is Platinum, being a very precious metal the price of it can and does often bounce around all over the place during the course of a single day, and as long as you do predict the way it moves correctly and place a Binary Options trade on it then you will be in the money, it is as simple as that.

Which Brokers Will Let Me Trade on Palladium Prices?

Not all Binary Options Brokers offer their clients by far and away the largest number of trading opportunities and trading markets, and as such one type of trade that you may fancy placing but may have some difficulties doing so is on the price of Palladium.

However, I have been hunting around and comparing just what trading opportunities are available at several of the approved and fully licensed Brokers listed around this website, and am happy to say I did discover several of them do offer Palladium trading market, so check out some of our approved sites for more details.

Are There Lots of Brokers Offering Copper Prices Options?

Copper prices can be and are often quite volatile, and it is very true to say that in recent years they have been going on something of an upward trend, so you may fancy placing a range of different trades on the price of Copper.

If so then keep in mind that the pay-out odds you will be offered from a  range of different Brokers can and will vary and not all of them are going to be offering you the very highest potential paybacks on such trades, so the onus really is on you to pick out the Brokers that do.