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China is one of the many places around the world that does have a very high number of financial investments, and one type of product that is growing in popularity there are what are known as Binary Points and they are very basic and very easy to understand trades.

You will however need to fully learn of the many different types of trading opportunities and trading ,markets that are associated with Binary Options trading in China if you are based there and fancy giving them a try, and that is what the following guide will be enlightening you on.

All that you do need to remember when placing Binary Options trades is that there are only two ways that they can end, one is a winning trade and one is a losing trade of course, and what you are basing your trades around will be the value one of all manner of different things.

You are required ultimately however to decide whether let’s say for example the price of Gold will rise over a given set period or time for whether the price of gold will fall, and that is all Binary Options are, nothing more nothing less.

Popular Trade Types in China

If you do want to start placing any type of Binary Options trade online or via a mobile device then make sure that you look through the huge number of different trade types, as there will be several of them at least that will appeal to you directly, such as any of those listed below.

Copper Prices – Copper is one metal that can see its value shooting up and down regularly throughout any day of the week and as such the Copper based Binary Options trading markets can be quite volatile at the best of times.

Crude Oil Prices – The Crude Oil price and be and always is affected by a range of worldwide events, and as such there is sure to be plenty of trading opportunities on Crude Oil that will be of interest to you as a China based Binary Options trader.

CHF/USD Pairings – As for just which currencies you can pair together as the basis of any Binary Options trades you fancy placing. Well let me just say that you should have no difficulties what so every pairing up any two currencies including CHF and USD.

Top 10 Trading Options in China

There are so many Binary Options Brokers that accept traders from China that you are going to be spoiled for choice, however you are also going to find plenty of different trading opportunities too, and here just for reference are the top 10 Binary Options trades placed the most by traders that are based in China.

  • Trading USD/CHF
  • Boundary Binary Options
  • Double No-Touch Trades
  • Palladium Prices
  • Copper Prices
  • Trading Crude Oil
  • Trading Indices
  • Trading Dow Jones
  • Trading FTSE
  • Trading USD/JPY


China Binary Options Trading Tip

Getting access to your winning profits quickly and in full is important that is why as you take a good look around you will find plenty of top rated and highly recommended and completely China trader friendly Binary Options Brokers listed throughout this website so my tip is for you to sign up to any of those Brokers for an unsurpassed and first class trading experience.


As for just how long any Binary Options trades are going to be live and in play for, well there will be long and short term trades, and some of the ones that have the shortest in play times are  when you set about placing Trading 60 Seconds Trades so do look at some of those.

Then once you have got to grips with how to place basic types of Binary Options trades and understand you can pick from many expiry times then look at placing some of the much more unusual Binary Options trades such as Boundary Binary Options too.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Trading Silver High Risk?

You should always work out the risks attached to any type of trading, and one precious metal that you may one day get the urge to place a trade on is Silver, and whilst not usually an overly volatile precious metal the price of it can and does rise day in and day out.

As there are only two different ways that the value of solver can go, that being up or down of course, there is a 50-50 chance of placing a winning trade, so I wouldn’t call it an overly risky type of Binary Option trade to place as you will always have a very reasonable chance of placing a winning trade.

Are Crude Oil Options Volatile?

There can be times that the value of Crude Oil really can shoot up, and as such when compared to come other commodities, placing trades on Crude Oil can be risky, but as long as you are aware of the risk and try to lower then as much as is possible then you may find them interesting trades to place.

But you must always be aware of the fact that there are lot of different reasons as to why the value of Crude Oil can and does shoot up one minute and then drop down in value the other and it is often political and worldwide events that will cause the price of Crude Oil to move in one direction or another.

Which Traders Tend to Trade Indices?

It is often those traders with a deep insight and understanding of the stock markets that are going to be tempted to and will often place many different Indices related trades during the course of their working week, and there will be more than enough of those types of trading opportunities if you fancy placing any.

If there is one thing that can always be guaranteed, that is the price of companies are going to rise and fall and when placing indices related trades you will be able to pick from many different worldwide stock-markets to place your trades on.

Do All Brokers Offer Dow Jones Based Options?

As you look around and compare the many different trading opportunities that are going to be offered to you at different Binary Options Brokers, one thing that you will often notice is that some of them do tend to specialize in certain sectors.

As such if you are interested in placing Binary Options trades on for example the Dow Jones or for that matter any other worldwide indices then make a point of finding a Broker such as some of our top rated and approved ones that will be offering you a wealth of different indices related trading markets.

Which Brokers Offer Silver Prices Trading Options?

You will never go short when it comes to finding any number of Binary Options Brokers that are going to be giving you access to a large and quite diverse of Silver related trading markets and trading opportunities on that precious metal.

As the price of Silver does rise and fall much like all other precious and semi-precious metals there is always going to be the opportunity for you to cash in of those price movements, by placing a silver price related Binary Options trade either online or from your mobile devices too.