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Barclays Bank Facing Customer Backlash

Barclays BankIt is often the case that when someone opens an account at any bank, they will be a customer for life. However, in the very changing and often unfathomable world of banking it can only take one small thing to force customers to take their business elsewhere.

In the current financial climate, many banks are bending over backwards in an attempt to not only attract new customers but keep those customers they already have on board, however in the last few weeks we have seen Barclays Bank going on something of an axe wielding mission and they have been dropping customers from some of their premier accounts to basic bank accounts with very short notice!

In fact there are 270,000 customers of Barclays Bank who are currently feeling somewhat aggrieved having just found out that they no long qualify for the Premier Life bank accounts which many have been using for many years now, and Barclays have chosen to drop their accounts back to a basic style bank account with no added benefits!

The reasons given for dropping these customers from the benefits and all Premier Life bank account which has seen those customers benefitting from free travel insurance, a will writing service, VIP airport lounge access and free mobile phone insurance are that those customers do not earn enough!

With many of the customers being affected being retired people, who may, when they applied for the accounts, have been earning more than the required £75,000 needed to open those accounts but may not now be earning that much, Barclays do face something of a major customer backlash which could see those customers closing their accounts and moving on to a bank that values their custom!

If you are considering placing any Binary Options based trades then this is something to keep in mind, more so if you are looking to place those trades on Barclays Bank, for if all of those customers do feel aggrieved enough to move their account elsewhere that could see Barclays taking a direct hit in regard to their current share price.

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