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Yorkshire Bank Binary Options

Yorkshire BankWhilst certainly not one of the largest banks in the UK the Yorkshire Bank does have its fair share of customers, and whilst not one of the many banks that are being hit by massive fines for past misdemeanours they are one company that may be worth placing your Binary Options on if it is banking institutions that you are adding to your trading strategy.

Below you will find several of the strengths and weaknesses that may just affect the short term price movement in the value of Yorkshire Bank shares and as such we invite you to have a read through them all and base your trades accordingly!


New Bank Switch Incentive – As part of the long term aim of Yorkshire Bank to attract many more customers into their branches they are currently offer a financial bonus to anyone who switches their bank account from any other bank to theirs, this will see Yorkshire Bank paying those customers 150.00 for switching, and that may just be incentive enough for many customers to join up and switch their current accounts to a Yorkshire Bank one!

Personal Service – One thing which has always been noticeable to anyone banking at the Yorkshire Bank is the personal service offered, and this has always been one of the main attractions for people wishing to find a bank account and a bank that is easy to manage and approach and on that allows customers to speak directly to someone in their local brand whenever they wish to apply for loans or overdrafts.


Not Many Branches – Sadly being one of the smaller banks in the UK Yorkshire Bank does not have anywhere as near as many branches as some of their competitors and as such the take up of customers opening up account with them are not usually as high as the more well known banks seem to attract customers.

Business Customers – If the Yorkshire Bank could crack the business bank account market place then we think they would become a much more prominent banking institutions, whilst they do of course have a large number of business customers using their services it is nowhere as near as the number of business companies many of their competitor banks have, and there is always a lot of financial products business companies in particular can make use of at any bank

Short Term Prediction

We are expecting a large take up of customers switching accounts to the Yorkshire Banks and as such there may be a small but noticeable increase in the share price of this banking institution once the results of those new accounts are known.

It is true to say that the value of Yorkshire Bank shares do not swing as violently in their value as some other banks shares do so if you are planning a Binary Options trade on this bank then keep that in mind for the movement of the share price may be nominal and you will need to place your trades accordingly.