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Alibaba Goes Public

AlibabaTo many people living in the Western World, the online retailer Alibaba is a completely unknown entity, however for anyone living in China and most of Asia this is a company as large as eBay or Amazon, in fact the amount of trade this website does is more than the turnover of both eBay and Amazon put together!

Alibaba went public on the New York Stock Exchange last Friday and broke many records, and as such it is not one of the biggest companies in the world with a value in excess of a whopping 100 Billion up Pounds!

There has been a massive advertising campaign in the run up to last Fridays listing on the New York Stock Exchange and being a web based company as is usually the case is has attracted a lot of attention from traders.

However, many traders are always sceptical of any web and internet based company becoming a publicly traded company as there have been many well documented companies who launched in a blaze of publicity only for them to fall by the way side and reduce in value quickly.

As Alibaba has been in business since 1999, unlike more other dot com companies that have gone public they have a solid and traceable track record in regards to their financial turnover and profits, and it has to be said Alibaba has been making some enormous profits almost from day one and with the China being such a major country and a major market place it is to be expected that Alibaba will continue to grow and grow.

Another interesting fact regarding Alibaba is an amazing four fifths of all ecommerce conduced in China is conducted through their website, making it a true force to be reckoned with and one that no new competitor is likely to achieve.

If you are a Binary Options trader who is looking to invest your funds in ecommerce related companies, then it may just pay dividends for you to start trading on the value of Alibaba, for having just launched it is very true to say the true value of this company is still unknown and as such the market will decide its true worth over the coming weeks and months which means the share price is going to rise and fall, which makes it an ideal company to trade Binary Options on.

Many industry commentators are publically stating that they can see no negative aspect of Alibaba as a whole, as there is no competition of any value in Asia and with there still being many avenues for growth it is going to be a fair bet that its market share may keep on growing.

Do make a note of Alibaba as it may prove to be a popular and interesting company for all Binary Options traders to consider, when there are compiling their weekly trading schedule, and there with no one so far stating this company is overvalued there is planet of trading value to be had!