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Types of Binary Options

There are many different types of Binary Options that you are going to be able to trade online, and in this guide we are going to introduce you to and give you a better understanding of the many different types of Binary Options that you will come across.

Indices Binary Options

One of the most traded Binary Options are those which are based on Indices, there are many Stock Exchanges around the world, and when you place a trade on this type of Binary Option you will be predicting whether you think the value of their top traded stocks and shares that make up any particular Stock Exchange is going to be higher or lower than it was when you placed your trade over a set period of time.

  • What Indices Can I Trade?

    You are going to be able to place trades on absolutely any Stock Indices, and with there being so many of them available you will find no shortage of them. The most commonly traded Binary Options pertaining to Indices are the CAC 4, DAX, Dow Jones, FTSE 100, Hang Seng, and NASDAQ.

  • What are the Benefits of Indices Trading?

    The main attraction for anyone wishing to start trading Indices online is that unlike going through a Stock Broker you are never going to have to purchase the stocks and shares in the companies that make up the Indices and are not paying those brokers huge fees and commissions!

Currency and Forex Trading Options

We are finding that more and more people are opting to trade two different currencies against each other when they start to trade Binary Options online, and there are many reasons they tend to do this, they may be looking to make a profit as part of their daily trading strategy or could be looking to hedge any physical currency purchases they have made in respect to buying a property overseas or even when they have purchased currency for an upcoming holiday or business trip abroad.

  • What Currencies Pairings Can I Trade? There are no limits imposed in regards to pairing together any two currencies. You can pair up any major currency with another, such as US Dollars, UK Pounds Sterling, Yen, Australian and Canadian Dollars to name just a few currencies that can be paired up and traded against each other.
  • Can I Pair Bitcoins with Other Currencies? If you are interested in pairing up Bitcoin with other currencies then you are in luck, for we have seen lots of different Binary Option sites allowing their customer to be able to do just that. At this moment in time you are only going to be able to pair Bitcoins with US Dollars, as that is how Bitcoins are usually valued.

Commodity Binary Options

Another very popular type of Binary Options are Commodity based options, these types of options allow you to trade on the value of fixed commodities but without the need to purchase those assets. Here are a few commonly asked questions reading Commodity based Binary options trading.

  • What are Commodity Based Binary Options?

    When you are thinking of trading Commodities you will be simply trading on the value of a fixed commodity such as the value of Gold or Silver for example over a set period of time. These types of Binary Options allow you to make a profit without you ever having to buy those commodities which can be quite expensive.

  • What Commodities can I Trade?

    The most commonly traded Commodity based Binary Options are based on the value of Gold, Silver, Copper and Oil. Having the ability to trade on the value of these commodities without ever having to buy and then sell them is what makes these types of Binary Options trades so popular with traders across the globe!

Individual Stocks Binary Options

Buying and selling Stocks and Shares is a pass time as well as a business for many people, however with the value of them going up and down fluctuating sometimes wildly through the working day it can be a very risky proposition when you are new to the trading environment.

You are now able to trade hundreds if not thousands of different stocks and shares but without the need to buy shares in any company you wish to invest in. Below are many questions along with the respective answers you may have in regards to becoming a Binary Options trader in regards to using Stocks as the basis for your Binary Options trades.

  • What are the Most Traded Stocks?

    You will find it is the larger and more well known companies that make up the largest volume of Binary Options trade made each day of the week, you will be able to trade in regards to the value of Stock from companies such as Microsoft, Toyota Motors, Vodaphone and even Walt Disney, any company offering shares can be used as the basis for your Binary Option trades!

  • Can I Trade Social Media Stocks?

    Many people enjoy using Social Media and as such if you are interested in trading Binary Options based on the Share Prices of sites such as Twitter and Facebook then you will be pleased to know many Binary Options trading sites will allow you to do just that!

  • What Banking Binary Option Trades are Available?

    Due to the Banking Industry being one of the most volatile sectors it is often the value of shares in Banking instructions that a lot of traders tend to trade as part of their Binary Options trades, and you will quite easily be able to trade Bank based options such as Goldman Sachs, Barclays and J P Morgan Chase to name but three of the available ones!

  • What Profit Can I Make Trading Binary Options?

    The one question you may be asking is just how much by way of profit can you make when trading Binary Options online. Each trading site will display the maximum profit you can make per trade which is often in the 80 percent plus range on every single trade you make, so the profits really are there for the taking!